waverly maise

“Everyone always says Waverly looks just like a little mini-me, which I can see with those chubby cheeks and that little smirk but if you peek into her personality she has a whole lot of her papa. She is so adventurous and constantly on the move. She doesn’t sit still for a moment, she walks around saying “I do” which is completely like her father.”

It has been an incredible year watching Waverly grow and develop. As we prepare for her little sister to make her arrival in November and our family to grow – I’m just so excited for what the future holds for these little girls. I feel so lucky I will get to spend each day watching them become fierce little explorers and (hopefully) best friends.”



jayme + marc


In a day filled with unforgettable memories, the five minutes we would relive again started when we said “I do.”  As we spoke those words, we closed the first chapter of our story, when eight years of love and over a year of planning all came to an end, replaced by an exciting new journey just beginning. Our first steps together as husband and wife were surrounded by so much love and met with the joy-filled, teary-eyed faces of our closest friends and family. It was a truly extraordinary moment. Walking out and spending those first minutes being embraced by our families and loved ones is a memory we will cherish for our lifetime.”

I photographed this gorgeous wedding back in the fall, and was so grateful to have been a part of such an amazing love story. These two are so in love it makes you smile just watching them together. I am so happy for them and so excited to finally get to share a few highlights with you!


The Israels

“Hailey is so different from Marissa. She is much more chill and never wants to sleep for fear she will miss something. She loves to be held all day, which is kind of a problem. She is a total mush. Marissa, on the other hand, is a ball of energy.  She is always on the go and loves to be the center of attention. I look forward to when Hailey gets a little older and can interact more with Marissa. I think they will be the best of friends and can’t wait for all the fun they will have together.”

Scroll below to check out some highlights from this year’s photo shoot with the gorgeous Israel family! I’m so excited to finally share some of the moments I enjoyed with this family before I left New York!


liane + eugene + sienna + baby = 4!

“I love putting Sienna to bed at night after a bath, we lay there and she says things so genuinely like “It’s just the best being together with you and daddy,” or “Mom, you’re the best.” It completely melts my heart and I always think about how equally lucky we are. How lucky I am to be her mom, and how lucky she is to be so loved by Eugene and me and our entire family. ”

I love being able to watch this little girl grow up each year through our photo shoots! I’m so glad I got to meet up with her and her gorgeous mother and father before taking off on my road trip this year. Scroll below to enjoy some of our highlights from the shoot!


Hello! We have an announcement!


First we have to go find her!


Found her.


Kissed her.


Kissed her one more time, because…these little ‘mom’ents mean the most.

And now…for the announcement!





jade + ford

Every summer I meet up with Jade to capture photos of her and Ford before they head back to LA for the year. This year we met up at the Orient Yacht Club, a spot where Jade and I grew up hanging out at ourselves, and took these photos below. These two are some of my favorite models and I am so excited to share this year’s photos with you! Enjoy this gorgeous momma and her son from our 2016 summer photo shoot!



karyn + mike

“For both Mike and I the best part of our wedding was when the girls joined us for our first dance. For myself, that was the moment when it really settled in that this is my family, that my life is now complete. We have always been a family regardless of not being married and I didn’t think getting married would feel any different – but it did. Getting married sort of finalized our lives together … it was the perfect ending to the beginning of our lives as the Coopers.”

These two (and their adorable little girls) celebrated their wedding a few weeks ago on the beach Mike grew up on. Everything about each detail of the wedding was so beautiful. Even the food, from Karyn’s family’s restaurant, was quite the eye candy. Scroll below to enjoy some highlights below from the day!


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jensen + andrew

“There was one night during the holiday season when we were decorating our apartment for our first Christmas living together. We had friends and family come over to help us hang crisp white lights that lit up our whole apartment, new evergreen scented candles throughout to add to the scent of our new ten foot Christmas tree that could be seen from the Peconic River and by all who passed by. It came out stunning. It was a long night with a lot of work put in, but when our friends and family had left and were thanked for all their help, we threw on our matching Christmas onesies and turned all the lights off except for all the Christmas lights and the tree. We sat on the couch with a bottle of champagne and listened to Christmas music. We were so happy in this moment and aware of how much we loved one another. It was then that we decided to have a holiday wedding.”

I met up with these two in an enchanted forest a few weeks ago to snag some shots of the lovebirds before they tie the knot next winter! Scroll below to see some highlights from our shoot!



bridget + alex

I remember the moment vividly when I first got Bridget’s e-mail. I had just stepped into a wifi cafe in Florence, where I was living at the time, to grab a coffee and check in with reality when I saw it. It was titled “Cayman Islands.” I opened it immediately.

When I first met Bridget and Alex they mentioned to me that Alex had gotten the opportunity to work in the Cayman Islands and they were still entertaining the idea of actually making it happen. Alex seemed more like he was ready to go, but I could sense Bridget’s apprehension. I joked to Alex that we would get her on board by the wedding.

Flash back now to the cafe, and her e-mail, and a delicious coffee I wish I was drinking right this minute. Her message was short, but to the point. She needed persuasion. She told me she was struggling with the decision and needed to be convinced. I figured since she was writing this to me, a person who doesn’t think twice before jumping on a plane to an island or another country, her heart was already in it. I finished my coffee, ordered an Aperol Spritz at the bar, and got to writing.

On October 10, just over a week ago today, Alex, Bridget and an entourage of suitcases boarded a plane in NYC and headed to start their new life in Cayman. I hope you two are reading this and preparing to re-live some wedding highlights from a hammock, with tiny umbrellas in your drinks. I could not be more excited for you both. YOU DID IT!

Cheers to you two, your gorgeous wedding, the new life you’ve recently made for yourselves, and an extremely inspiring leap of faith.


sara + stephen

“It was right after Christmas, we were on vacation with my family in Maine and the snow was coming down hard so we all gathered at the kitchen table for a few heated rounds of Uno. It’s silly, but my family gets really into Uno, so the competition was fierce. Stephen, my Dad, my Uncle and my brothers kept a fun banter going. Everyone was yelling and laughing and trying to take down the person next to them. I took a minute to sit back and just watch him interact with my family. It made me so happy that he seamlessly fit himself into my life. It was like he’d been there forever. At the end of the evening we cuddled up by the fire and I knew in my heart that he was the one for me.”

Scroll below to see some highlights of these two lovebirds from our day on the water!



britt + kevin

“When Kevin and I first got together almost 9 years ago he was gone a lot, so I wouldn’t call our “dating” very ordinary. I would call it unique.  In the very beginning it was a lot of Skype, emails and text messages.  Of course, when Kevin was home for his 3 week break we would see each other, go out for dinner, watch movies, just hang… but, what I loved most was the element of surprise that Kevin would give me.  I would come home from a long day at work, open up my mailbox and there would be a package from Kevin.  It would be one of his favorite books that he insisted that I read, a cool scarf from one his exotic destinations of travel, or just a postcard saying, “hi.” I loved these moments, because I knew no matter where he was in the world, he was thinking of me.  To this day, he still surprises me and I know life will never be boring, because I have my thoughtful and handsome pilot by my side!”

Brittany and Kevin are two of the sweetest and most thoughtful people you will ever meet. I am so happy I got to capture these moments for them with their pups a few weekends ago and can’t wait to come back to NY to shoot their wedding this April! Scroll below to enjoy some highlights from our shoot!