jensen + andrew

“There was one night during the holiday season when we were decorating our apartment for our first Christmas living together. We had friends and family come over to help us hang crisp white lights that lit up our whole apartment, new evergreen scented candles throughout to add to the scent of our new ten foot Christmas tree that could be seen from the Peconic River and by all who passed by. It came out stunning. It was a long night with a lot of work put in, but when our friends and family had left and were thanked for all their help, we threw on our matching Christmas onesies and turned all the lights off except for all the Christmas lights and the tree. We sat on the couch with a bottle of champagne and listened to Christmas music. We were so happy in this moment and aware of how much we loved one another. It was then that we decided to have a holiday wedding.”

I met up with these two in an enchanted forest a few weeks ago to snag some shots of the lovebirds before they tie the knot next winter! Scroll below to see some highlights from our shoot!



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